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Welcome to Joinable, an online collaboration hub where your group can message, plan events, and build community.

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Take the headache out of managing email lists and group chats, and make your members smile.

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Why are we so obsessed with community?

Humans need social connections, and by getting together around a shared purpose, we build and deepen our connections. Magic happens when people work together: heavy work gets lighter, but more importantly, people connect more deeply. Two birders at a neighborhood clean-up bond over sighting a new owl couple. Soccer families with toddlers find new playdates and biking group. At a tree planting, a new rock band takes shape. Once upon a time, this used to be called "social networking". We call it making friends.

Our promise to you

We built Joinable to enable community organizers and foster a space for meaningful connection. Your success is our success, and working together at a small scale makes a big impact.

Joinable groups are private.

Groups can only communicate and collaborate effectively when everyone knows exactly who they are talking to.

  • What you share in your group stays in your group
  • Your data will never be shared or sold

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We understand that your privacy is important, so we safeguard your personal information as if it's our own.

  • We never share your personal information with third parties.
  • We don't show ads, so we don't share anything with advertisers.

Free of charge, now and always.

We're committed to always delivering a full-featured product at no cost.

  • It's always free to create a Joinable group with members, messaging, calendar, polls, and signups.
  • We charge a subscription fee for our premium services, which are still in development.