Build your community network.

Get connected with immediate neighbors and other families in your schools, teams, exercise group, church, etc. Because someday you may need a hand - or be able to offer one!

Joinable helps you answer questions like these:

It's never been easier to get connected to your community.

Download the app

Download Joinable from the AppStore or Google Play Store, then join with your phone number

Build your profile

Add the neighborhood, schools, teams, and other groups that you actively participate in.

Ask someone to connect!

See the families you have things in common with, and send them a friendly request to connect.

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Awesome app for Groups!

Joinable is an awesome new app for groups that has a great look and feel. It’s easy to use and makes group management a snap.

Mill Valley, California

Great app for clubs

I didn’t like to use e-mail or messages for my wine and book club; this app allows me to keep the groups informed, interact, share documents and calendar invitations, so I don’t have to go to three different apps to schedule a zoom meeting with my group.

Shujo Hernandez
Mill Valley, CA

Joinable rocks for groups!

Managing groups was a headache before Joinable. Now, with Joinable, this is not only easy — it’s also fun! You can tell that a ton of thought and love has been put into the design of this app, and that the developers deeply understand the people’s needs re: setting up and managing groups. 5 stars (I’d give more if I could)!

Shalom Ormsby
San Rafael, CA

Simplifies my life

Joinable is helping me to organize and simplify my school and community involvements as a parent. I am so grateful to finally know exactly where to find the most updated event information.

Heather Hughes
Mill Valley, CA

Built by the community, for the community, in California.

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