Use Case

For activity groups

Joinable for neighbhoods image of two womein in a park

Whether you are managing a kids’ soccer team, or planning a fundraising gala for 500, Joinable enables you to do all your organizing from one place. Messaging, calendar invites, event polling, tasks and file sharing allows for fast communication, makes participation effortless and encourages members to engage in your group.

Reach your group how they want to be reached

Life’s busy, and no one’s got time to search for the information they need. With Joinable, you can send out key information to community members and ensure they see the details directly in their email. With seamless email integration, there’s no log-in, passwords, or app downloads required.

Nudge engagement without being a nag

Need to remind your group members to respond to an upcoming deadline or event? You can quickly and easily send a prompt to selected members directly from the app.

Consolidate your efforts with all-in-one coordination tools

Ditch the spreadsheets, email chains, and text threads, and coordinate roles and responsibilities with ease. Joinable lets organizers share calendars with participants, assign basic tasks to individuals, and track who has done what.

More features used by activity groups:

  • Group roster
  • Shared resource drive
  • No ads, no feeds, no drama
  • Supports email and SMS
  • Easy opt-out features
  • No sign-ups, not logins
  • Urgent communication support
  • Time polling
  • Photo sharing
  • Robust group access
  • Event management
  • Privacy is our priority

Joinable is the single place where all the pieces — and all your people — come together.

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