Introducing Joinable Direct Connections


Since we started this journey two years ago, Joinable has been on a mission to bring people together to build local community, and today we are taking a major step forward with the launch of Direct Connections.

Ever wish you knew more people in your neighborhood? People you like, and could count on in small ways, like to carpool your kids, move a heavy dresser, borrow a tool - or just a cup of sugar? Joinable provides a simple new way to turn that intention into a reality. Now you can invite friends, neighbors, or just cool people you meet and want to get to know better, to connect on Joinable.

Unlike friending or following on social media, when you connect on Joinable, you unlock meaningful opportunities to spend time together and get to know each other better. Of course you can browse each other’s Joinable profiles and message each other. However Joinable also provides new and exciting ways to connect: Shared Activities, Shared Library, and Shared Requests.

Shared Library

Shared Activities are the small things you plan to do that would be even better with friends. Like taking a morning run, a weekend hike, ride, or golf game, or going to see that band you love when they play next month. When you put your morning run on the Shared Activity calendar, the people you are connected to can see it and easily RSVP to join. And you can do the same for them. With Shared Activities, your life becomes filled with fun, informal opportunities to spend time in real life with friends, old and new.

The Lending Library is an easy way for you to share stuff with people you trust in your community. Have you ever needed to borrow a small tool - like a wheelbarrow or stepladder - but just didn’t know who - or how - to ask? Do you have stuff in your garage that you don’t use very often but would be happy to lend to a friend? When you add an item to your Shared Library, people you are connected to can see that you have it and ask to borrow it. And as you ask more people to join you on Joinable, the library items you can see and borrow grows too. Maybe you don’t have to buy your own wheelbarrow, after all!

Last but not least, Shared Requests provide an easy way for you to ask your connections for help. Unlike your “friends” on social media, your Joinable connections are a private and carefully selected group of people who live nearby, so you can feel comfortable asking them for a recommendation, something you need to borrow, or a small favor like a ride to the doctor. You’d be amazing at how quickly people in your community respond - we all want to help!

We built Joinable because we see how separate and isolated we have become and want to help people get reconnected to their communities. People are not islands-- we need to spend time together and support each other in order to be genuinely happy and healthy. Helping others we care about is so deeply satisfying! If you want to feel part of a connected, supportive community, visit and start growing your "Direct Connections" today!

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.