Joinable Community Guidelines

Last Updated: May 24, 2022


We created Joinable to be a private collaboration hub for your group, with the goal of supporting groups and strengthening local communities. Because communities are built on trust, we’ve created these Community Guidelines, so that our members know that they can communicate and collaborate in a safe and positive environment. These rules clearly delineate the behavior expected on Joinable, highlighting which activities and actions are prohibited, and apply to all Joinable members.

Joinable groups are private spaces, but the messaging and other content added by group members must still adhere to these guidelines to make sure they are also safe spaces for all of our members.

Groups or members who violate these guidelines will face immediate consequences. If you are aware of a group or individual that breaches any of our guidelines, please let us know at support@joinable.us. Thank you for your support!


We want to ensure that Joinable is a safe and positive space for groups and their members to flourish, and that they comply with local, national and international laws.

Joinable may not be used by groups that engage in activities that are illegal or may cause harm to others, including but not limited to terrorism, organized crime, disinformation, fraud, hateful conduct or harassment, or the promotion of self-harm or suicide.

Joinable does not allow adding content, including messages, photos, files or any other content, that could cause harm to others or break the law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sexually explicit content, including pornography, depictions of sexual acts, sexual violence, sexual services, or the sexualization of children.
  • Depictions of violence, threats of violence, or gore.
  • Hateful speech, or attacks or harassment of people or communities based on their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sex, gender, or sexual identity or orientation.
  • Disinformation, content that intentionally propagates falsehoods or has the effect of deceiving others.
  • Content that has the effect of harassing or defrauding others, such as financial scams.
  • Content the promotes suicide or self-harm.
  • Content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights. Make sure you have explicit permission for all content that you share.
  • Content that violates the law in the buying or selling of regulated goods.
  • Content that violates the law in any other way.

Joinable is committed to protecting minors (anyone under the age of 18) on our platform. Members must be a minimum of 13 years old to have an account. Members must not share any adult content with other members who are under 18, or in groups that have members under 18.

Privacy and Respect

Joinable is designed to respect members’ right to privacy, enabling them to determine exactly what they share and with whom. For more information on how we collect and use your personal information, see our Privacy Policy.

In order to protect and maintain privacy, members may not gather or share personal information about other Joinable members without their express permission.

You may not share or use content added to Joinable by another member without their express permission.

Only add a member to a group if you have reason to believe that they want to participate in the group. If a member chooses to remove themselves from a group, please respect their choice and do not add them back to the group again.

Please be respectful of other Joinable users. You may not agree with another member’s opinions, however know that your group has a common goal and so please approach the conversation with curiosity rather than conflict.Do not cause intentional harm to Joinable, including trying to gain unauthorized access to or attacking our systems, infecting our services with viruses or other malicious code, abusing or defrauding us or our payment systems, using/sharing our intellectual property without permission, etc.

Authenticity and Trust

Joinable groups are designed to foster trusted relationships and communication. Joinable’s platform is built on trust, the value of community and the importance of mutual respect. Trust only happens when people are authentic and accountable.

You may not misrepresent yourself, an organization or a group.

We require all members to use their real names when creating/updating accounts and communicating with others on Joinable. If you share other personal information with a group, such as your contact information, home address, family members’ names, or interests, do not misrepresent yourself. All user names must follow the community guidelines.

We do not allow bot accounts - you may not create Joinable member accounts that are not associated with a real person. Each Joinable member account must have a verified contact method in order to participate.

Groups may not use misleading or profane names, titles or files that deceive fellow users as to their purpose, location, membership, or content. All group names must follow the community guidelines.

Enforcement of Rules

If a group or member fails to follow our guidelines, Joinable reserves the right to suspend or permanently remove them from the Joinable platform. These consequences are not decisions that we would take lightly, however we will choose them to protect the safety of our community for all members. At our discretion, in some cases, groups may be given a chance to modify the offending behavior before removal.

These guidelines will evolve over time and we will regularly keep you informed of any updates. It is your responsibility to review both this document, our Member Agreement, and our Privacy Policy and follow in the spirit of our rules to keep Joinable and its groups safe for all our members.