Use Case

For neighborhoods

Joinable for neighbhoods image of two womein in a park

Joinable serves neighborhoods with right-sized tools for organizing park-cleanups, safety meetings, band jams and get-to-know you picnics. Neighbors can share a calendar, roster, messaging and polling. Each person can share as much contact information as they want.

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Reach all your neighbors privately when you really need to

Whether you are organizing an event, building an emergency preparedness plan or forging a sense of community in your neighborhood, Joinable helps bring people together. Participants can communicate via email, text or directly in the app, receiving the message in the channel they prefer - with no log-in, passwords or app downloads.

Help manage with co-leads

Whether you are looking to foster a collaborative community or just spread the organizational load, with Joinable you can have multiple admins to manage your neighborhood.

Get to really know your neighbors

Joinable was created to help communities connect around the projects and causes they care most about. Leverage tools designed to activate, coordinate and engage your neighborhood members, and help create a vibrant and connected community.

More features used by neighborhoods:

  • Neighborhood map
  • Shared resource drive
  • No ads, no feeds, no drama
  • Supports email and SMS
  • Easy opt-out features
  • No sign-ups, not logins
  • Urgent communication support
  • Time polling
  • Photo sharing
  • Robust group access
  • Event management
  • Privacy is our priority

Joinable is the single place where all the pieces — and all your people — come together.

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