Joinable vs. Nextdoor? Clearly we need both!

People often ask me whether they need to use Joinable if they're already on Nextdoor. My answer is an unqualified yes! While it's true that Joinable and Nextdoor both help to connect our communities, they do so in very different ways.

Nextdoor is an app that provides a sort of bulletin board for local neighborhoods. People can post questions on Nextdoor, and get answers from a large set of neighbors (from a few hundred to a few thousand), most of whom they don't know. The topics typically include local safety and security, pet-related issues, local laws and regulations and adherence to them, and recommendations for local service providers, among others. This is a valuable service, and I think we're all delighted that Nextdoor exists (if occasionally taken aback by the tone of our "neighbors").

On the other hand, Joinable provides a way to communicate privately and personally with the other families in our schools and activities. The other parents in our kids' homeroom class. The members of the PTA subcommittee that we volunteered for. The other families in our church, or in the soccer league whom we've competed for years. At Joinable, we believe that your real community isn't the people in the same ZIP code, but the people that you share experiences and responsibilities with. And Nextdoor seems unlikely to support this kind of relationship and communication any time soon.

Joinable powers real community relationships. If you live in Mill Valley (my hometown, and our first community) and would like to join the 100s of other Mill Valley residents who are communicating privately on Joinable, then download the Joinable app on your phone. Or just visit us at

Teg Grenager
Founder & CEO, Joinable, Inc.