Use Case

For social events

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Hardly anything is more stressful than organizing great community events—or more rewarding. Whether you’re coordinating a dinner, happy hour, club gathering, or community meet-and-greet, Joinable helps you rally participants, share responsibilities, and stay on top of every detail.

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An end-to-end solution for events

From organizing and planning, to sending out the invitation, to collecting and sharing experiences, Joinable supports the entire community.

Co-leads make planning easier

Whether you are looking to foster a collaborative community or just spread the organizational load, with Joinable you can have multiple admins to manage your event.

Consolidate your efforts with all-in-one coordination tools

Ditch the spreadsheets, email chains, and text threads, and coordinate roles and responsibilities with ease. Joinable lets organizers share calendars with participants, assign basic tasks to individuals, and track invitation responses.

More features used by event planners & participants:

  • Attendee roster
  • Shared resource drive
  • No ads, no feeds, no drama
  • Supports email and SMS
  • Easy opt-out features
  • No sign-ups, not logins
  • Urgent communication support
  • Time polling
  • Photo sharing
  • Robust group access
  • Event management
  • Privacy is our priority

Joinable is the single place where all the pieces — and all your people — come together.

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