Use Case

Joinable for friends: private sharing that isn't social media

Joinable for neighbhoods image of two womein in a park

Nurturing friendships can be hard, and social media isn’t helping. Joinable helps bring friends together in person and provides easy tools for sharing and coordinating — the ingredients for building trusted and meaningful relationships.

Shared Activities

Meeting up in person is important for a healthy friendship, but it’s not always easy when you have busy lives. Joinable’s Shared Activities create casual opportunities to join friends without the pressure or hassle of planning events. It could be a break for lunch, a weekend hike or a concert in the park.

Sharing resources

Sharing is a direct path to the heart, as well as a great way to build trust. Everyone has something to share, whether it’s a favorite hike, professional expertise, or a tool in the garage that’s rarely used. Joinable created Shared Lists to list the collective resources your community is willing to share with each other. And when you need something, you can use the Request feature.

Tools for coordinating

Finding time to meet up with friends or choosing which restaurant can be a pain. Joinable provides powerful tools, such as a time poll for finding a time that works for everyone, and a polling tool for ranking the options.

More features used by friends:

  • Shared activities
  • Direct connections
  • Supports groups
  • Lending library
  • Free stuff listing
  • Time polling
  • Group polls
  • Help requests
  • Photo sharing
  • No ads, no feeds, no drama
  • Supports email and SMS
  • Customizable

Joinable is the single place where all the pieces — and all your people — come together.

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